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Find out more about Mandy Woolf, her process, inspiration, and dedication to helping young people.

Why did you start writing?

My journey into writing is deeply rooted in my life experiences and my desire to inspire and support children. My time in Hong Kong, running a playgroup and working with a charity, coupled with my role as a mother, fuelled my passion for storytelling.

My stories are crafted to install self-belief, confidence, and hope in young readers. My work is not just about telling tales; it’s also about imparting valuable life lessons and encouraging children to dream big while holding onto their imagination.

In recognition, my books have received many awards in testament to the impact they’ve made. With my upcoming books and ongoing charity projects, I continue to dedicate my craft to uplifting children and supporting those in need.

About Mandy Woolf Children's Book Author
About Mandy Woolf Children's Book Author

Why do you pick these topics?

My decision to write for children’s charities, including those focused on bereavement, cancer, tumours, and Alzheimer’s, stems from my heartfelt commitment to positively impacting the lives of young children and their families. Drawing from my own experiences and the inspiration I find in my role as a mother and educator, my stories foster self-belief, confidence, and hope.

The narratives are more than just stories; they are lessons in resilience and imagination, designed to empower children and families facing life’s challenges.

The accolades for the books reflect the meaningful difference they make. My ongoing work with charity projects continues to showcase my dedication to nurturing young minds and providing support through storytelling.

About Mandy Woolf Children's Book Author

Who do you collaborate with to ensure they are psychologically ok?

In creating content that touches on sensitive psychological topics, collaboration with professionals is crucial to ensure accuracy and sensitivity. I work alongside therapists, teachers, charities, nurses, and speech and language specialists, as well as experts in the areas of cancer, bereavement, tumours, and Alzheimer’s. This multidisciplinary approach allows for thorough research and learning, ensuring that the content is supportive and educational for those it aims to help.

About Mandy Woolf Children's Book Author
About Mandy Woolf Children's Book Author

How come you decided to write this type of book instead of normal fiction?

The decision to write books dedicated to supporting children and families navigating loss, grief and the process of coping with a loved one’s illness, stemmed from a deeply personal place within me.

Drawing from my own experiences, I felt compelled to create a work that could serve as a beacon of comfort and understanding for those facing similar challenges.

Through Harmony Dances On, Finding Mummy’s Glow, Paper Wings, I Love the Sparkle in You, and my two upcoming stories, Bertie and the Garden of Wonders, and The Songbird and the Sunshine, my aim is to offer solace and support to individuals confronted with the complexities of loss and grief. And to support young readers and families facing a loved one’s illness.

This heartfelt project is a testament to my unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those who have encountered adversity.

About Mandy Woolf Children's Book Author

Anything that really helps with the support/therapy appeal of your books?

When writing books on sensitive mental health issues, it’s important to do thorough research and listen to people’s experiences. I team up with experts like therapists, teachers, and medical professionals, including those who know about cancer, loss, tumours, and Alzheimer’s.

Together, we make sure the books are helpful and teach readers in a caring way. This teamwork makes the books a source of learning and support, showing kindness and respect for everyone’s different experiences.

About Mandy Woolf Children's Book Author

Mandy's work has seen her receive many accolades, awards and five-star reviews over the years.

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