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Working with Charities: A Message from Mandy

When I lost my mum in May 2022, I was devastated and I struggled to adapt to life without her. It was (and still is) the most challenging experience of my life so far.

I started to think about what it must be like for children and other families to experience such loss. And instantly, I wanted to help. I wanted to make a difference. That is when I decided to write my book Harmony Dances On and dedicate all of its profits to the Halo, Children’s Foundation. 

Since then I have partnered with even more charities to help and support families dealing with loss and life threatening illness. Most recently I released Finding Mummy’s Glow, in affiliation with Shine Cancer Support.

HALO can support children who are dealing with bereavement in many different ways. Their regular groups give an opportunity for parents and carers to meet with others, whilst children get involved in expressive arts, play and make friends with others who may be going through something similar. 

With a peer support group, families have a place to come, so they don’t have to grieve alone, which in itself that can be a lifeline to many.

HALO has a child play therapist, a family support worker and other professionals at hand to help support families. With funding and donations they aim to support services for bereaved families and support the running of their bereavement play cafe, a place where children and families can come to access support when someone sadly dies, to create more of an understanding about death.

Established in 1996, Daisy’s Dream is a charity offering a professional support service which responds to the needs of children and families affected by life threatening illness or bereavement. They work predominantly in Berkshire and the surrounding areas, but have recently extended their team and are now also offering services in Cheshire East.

​Originally set up to meet the needs of children who had been bereaved, over recent years Daisy’s Dream has expanded its service to encompass families where there has been a serious illness diagnosis.  

​The death or serious illness of someone close can have a devastating effect on a child or young person. With the right support and information however, children and young people can be helped to understand what has happened and learn to move forward in a positive way.

Shine is the only UK charity that supports adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s who have experienced a cancer diagnosis. There is never a good time to have cancer, but they know that younger adults face different issues than their older or younger counterparts. Many of these are not dealt with by traditional cancer support charities and services.

They offer a mixture of online and in-person events around the UK and also have a well-known podcast, Not Your Grandma’s Cancer Show. Shine has local Shine Networks across the UK and runs a number of annual events including Shine Camp and Shine Connect, the UK’s only conference for young adults with cancer.

Shine also runs a number of highly-rated programmes for young adults at various stages of their cancer experience. As a patient-led organisation, Shine works hard to ensure young adults with cancer play a key role in the design and delivery of all activities.

Alzheimer’s Society are working towards a world where dementia no longer devastates lives. They do this by giving help to those living with dementia today, funding research and driving awareness of this disease, providing hope for the future for millions of people.

As a Society, they are made up of people with dementia, carers, trusted experts, campaigners, researchers and clinicians. Alzheimer’s Society is the UK’s largest collective force of people with unparalleled knowledge and over 40 years of experience addressing the biggest challenges facing people living with dementia.

Dementia is the biggest health and social challenge of our time. There are currently estimated to be 900,000 people in the UK with dementia. Many are undiagnosed and facing the realities of their condition alone. As a Society, and with the help of their supporters, they are changing that. Alzheimer’s Society is help and hope for everyone affected by dementia.

Hillingdon Brain Tumour Group provides active support to anyone in Hillingdon and the surrounding areas affected by any type of brain tumour or brain injury. They aim to help patients, carers, friends and family live as full a life as possible, with the best quality of life.  They also raise awareness in the local medical and general community of the symptoms and effects of brain tumours.

​They pride themselves on offering a unique, life-improving post-operative package for all members including access to neuropsychologists, complementary therapists and all the assistance and advice they need.

​They understand that a brain tumour diagnosis is overwhelming, confusing and isolating. They know how challenging it is to find the information needed to understand the available options, to take the best pathway and access the support needed to help patients make that journey. They know what it’s like because they’ve been there too.

Maggie’s is a charity that helps people with cancer and their loved ones. You can visit their centres in the UK or receive support by phone or email from their qualified teams. No appointment is needed. Whether you need advice, counselling, or a friendly chat, Maggie’s is there for you. You can also join sessions on yoga, relaxation, nutrition and more. No matter what you’re going through, Maggie’s welcomes you with open arms.

Mandy's books help children deal with their emotions and give them the skills to cope with life's challenges.

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