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Below you'll find information about Mandy's published books and the topics they cover.

Bertie and The Garden of Wonders

Bertie, is a lonely beachball, who longs for a friend to share his dreams. He feels invisible and longs for companionship. This reflects common childhood feelings of wanting to be seen and to belong. The garden represents a world of possibilities where Bertie meets Puff Ball, the adventurous dandelion. Their journey teaches children about the excitement of exploration.  The story also illustrates that friends can be found in the most unexpected places, encouraging children to be open to new experiences and relationships.

As Bertie and Puff Ball face the garden’s dangers together, they learn the value of courage and staying true to one another, imparting important lessons on loyalty and mutual support.

What emotions does this book deal with?

Bertie and the Garden of Wonders delves into emotions that resonate with children, such as loneliness, the thrill of discovery, and the value of friendship. The story centres on Bertie, who craves visibility and companionship, emotions that many children understand.

In a garden filled with magic, Bertie goes on quests, learns about courage, and realises the joy of aiding friends. This narrative captures the spirit of youthful wonder and the excitement of forming bonds. Written in clear, genuine language, it speaks to young hearts and reassures parents looking for impactful stories for their children.

loneliness mandy woolf children's book author
self-discovery mandy woolf children's book author
friendliness mandy woolf children's book author

“The story is replete with bright colors, amusing characters, and brave moments that are sure to captivate children’s attention. This charming tale imparts valuable lessons about compassion, understanding, and the joy of discovering new friendships in the most unexpected places.”

Finding Mummy's Glow

Affiliated with Shine Cancer Support

This story follows young Noah’s heartfelt quest to understand and cope with his mother’s cancer, guided by his teddy bear. The book offers a tender exploration of love, loss, and the enduring bond between a child and parent, providing comfort and understanding to those navigating similar hardships. With beautiful illustrations and interactive elements, it’s a valuable resource for fostering discussions about illness, emotions, and the healing power of love.

What emotions does this book deal with?

Finding Mummy’s Glow is a profound book that deals with the complex emotions such as confusion, heartbreak, and love. It portrays young Noah’s journey as he grapples with his mother’s illness, reflecting the innocence of a child’s perspective on cancer. The story captures Noah’s powerful concern for his mother and his quest to restore her ‘glow’, symbolising her health and happiness. It emphasises that love remains a constant source of strength and comfort, even in the most challenging times. The book’s illustrations further enrich the narrative, visually expressing the themes of love, faith, and hope, and providing a comforting presence for both Noah and the readers.

faith mandy woolf children's book author
hope mandy woolf children's book author

“Such an important book that I will be recommending to all my friends.”

The Power of You: Diary & Activity Book

This diary is a compassionate companion for anyone, especially children (aged 3 +) who are experiencing the emotional challenges that come with seeing a loved one suffer from illness or pain.

It provides a private space for users to document their emotions, aspirations, and reflections. Additionally, it offers positive affirmations, practical advice, and engaging activities to aid in coping and fostering a sense of well-being. Symbolically, it’s akin to having a comforting bear in your pocket, always there to offer a hug and brighten your day. This diary is more than just a book; it’s a supportive friend that guides users in self-expression, self-discovery, and self-love.

What emotions does this book deal with?

The book provides a nurturing space for individuals to explore and express emotions such as sadness, anger, fear, and loneliness, which may arise from seeing a loved one in distress. It offers a blend of positive affirmations, coping strategies, and activities designed to foster emotional well-being and self-love. This diary acts as a comforting companion, akin to a bear in your pocket, ready to offer support and encouragement.

Bertie the Bouncy Beachball

This book is for children aged 3-12 years, teaching the valuable lessons of self-acceptance and recognising one’s worth.

Through Bertie’s journey from feeling unnoticed to discovering his ability to bounce, children learn that everyone has unique qualities that make them special. This book encourages young readers to look beyond appearances and find joy in being themselves, while also understanding that everyone deserves a chance to shine. It’s a perfect read for instilling confidence and empathy in kids, showing them the beauty within themselves and others.

What emotions does this book deal with?

Bertie the Bouncy Beachball addresses many emotions cantered around self-discovery and acceptance. The key emotions explored in the book include: Invisibility: Bertie feels unnoticed and overshadowed by other toys. Inadequacy: He experiences a sense of uselessness, being unable to bounce as he wishes. Hope: Despite his challenges, Bertie holds onto the hope of being chosen. Joy: Ultimately, Bertie discovers his ability to bounce, leading to feelings of delight and self-worth.

These emotions are woven into a narrative that teaches children the importance of inner beauty and the value of every individual, regardless of outward appearances.

self-discovery mandy woolf children's book author
acceptance mandy woolf children's book author
invisibility mandy woolf children's book author
inadequacy mandy woolf children's book author
hope mandy woolf children's book author
joy mandy woolf children's book author

“Mandy’s best book yet! Something for everyone!”

Bertie's Christmas Adventure

This book is for children aged 3 and up, focusing on the theme of self-confidence.

It follows Bertie, a timid ball from the Toy Library, as he learns to overcome his fears with Santa’s encouragement. This festive tale highlights the power of belief in oneself and the magic of Christmas spirit. It’s an ideal read for instilling bravery and self-assurance in young minds.

What emotions does this book deal with?

Bertie’s Christmas Adventure explores the emotions of fear and self-confidence. Bertie, initially feels afraid to participate in the Christmas Eve festivities. However, with Santa’s arrival and the need for help, Bertie discovers his inner strength and self-belief, overcoming his fears to help save Christmas. The story highlights the importance of believing in oneself and the joy of the holiday spirit

fear mandy woolf children's book author
self condience mandy woolf children's book author
inner strength mandy woolf children's book author
self-belief mandy woolf children's book author

“An enchanting Christmas story that teaches children to keep courage and faith in themselves.”

Harmony Dances On, A Book About Grief

Affiliated with Halo Children's Foundation

This book is for children aged 3 (with guidance from an adult or carer) and older who are grappling with the loss of a loved one.

Through Harmony’s journey, the book addresses the complex emotions of grief, offering comfort and understanding. It provides a safe space for children to explore their feelings and find solace in shared experiences, supported by caring family and friends. The book’s activities and illustrations serve as gentle guides for young readers to navigate their path towards healing.

What emotions does this book deal with?

Harmony Dances On, A Book About Grief delves into the complex emotions of a child experiencing the loss of a mother. It touches on: Anger: Harmony feels intense anger as part of her grief. Fear: The uncertainty and changes after her loss cause her fear. Sadness: A deep sadness permeates her experience. Happiness and Hope: Despite her grief, Harmony finds moments of happiness and hope.

The story provides a nuanced exploration of grief, showing that it can involve a confusing mix of emotions, and highlights the importance of support from family and friends during such challenging times.

anger mandy woolf children's book author
fear mandy woolf children's book author
sadness mandy woolf children's book author
happiness mandy woolf children's book author
hope mandy woolf children's book author

“Invaluable for all children and parents to better understand the grieving process, whether they are experiencing it themselves or observing others coping with loss.”

Janey Just In Case

This book is a story for children 3-12 years old. It teaches the importance of preparation and how it can ease anxiety about new experiences, like the first day of school. 

It encourages children to talk through their anxieties and helps them understand that it’s okay to feel nervous about new experiences. It suggests activities like packing one’s bag with favourite items and thinking ahead about what might be needed, teaching the value of preparation. The narrative also promotes self-belief and the beauty of friendship as Janey discovers that her thorough preparation has equipped her to face the school day with a positive outlook.

What emotions does this book deal with?

Anxiety and Worry: Janey feels anxious about the unknown world of starting school. Nervousness: She is nervous which affects her ability to eat breakfast. Preparation and Thoughtfulness: By packing extra items, Janey shows foresight and consideration for what might be needed. Confidence: As the story progresses, Janey’s thorough preparation helps her gain confidence. Friendliness and Helpfulness: Janey’s readiness allows her to make new friends and assist others, showcasing the positive outcomes of being prepared.

These emotions are explored in a way that is accessible and relatable to young children, helping them understand and manage their own feelings with new experiences. The book’s illustrations further enhance the emotional narrative, allowing children to visually connect with Janey’s journey.

anxiety mandy woolf children's book author
worry mandy woolf children's book author
nervousness mandy woolf children's book author
preparation mandy woolf children's book author
thoughtfulness mandy woolf children's book author
self condience mandy woolf children's book author
friendliness mandy woolf children's book author
helpfulness mandy woolf children's book author

“My child absolutely loves this book, I couldn’t recommend more! Really helped with those first day nerves.”

Just Janey's Way

This book is for children over 3-12 years old, it addresses the challenge of stubbornness and the fear behind it. The story invites young readers to join Janey as she learns the value of cooperation and expressing her emotions.

Through Janey’s experiences, children discover that control can be a mask for fear, and that sharing worries is a strength, not a weakness. This book is a tool for parents and educators to help kids understand their feelings and the importance of teamwork.

What emotions does this book deal with?

Just Janey’s Way explores emotions related to stubbornness, fear, and the need for control. It portrays how stubborn behaviour can be a facade for fear and a desire for safety. The book encourages children to express their emotions, showing that communication is key to overcoming isolation and reconnecting with friends. It also highlights that people handle emotions differently, as seen with the recurring character Ben and his fidget ball.

stubbornness mandy woolf children's book author
fear mandy woolf children's book author
control mandy woolf children's book author
communication mandy woolf children's book author

“Children will enjoy this beautiful story of Janey, who learns that we have to care for the emotions and opinions of others.”

I Love the Sparkle in You

Affiliated with Daisy's Dreams

This book is for children aged 3 and up, (with adult guidance as some words may need explaining) that addresses the vital issue of self-recognition and appreciation. and encourages young readers to identify and celebrate their unique “sparkle,” the special qualities that make each individual extraordinary.

This book is particularly beneficial for children needing affirmation of their worth and for adults seeking to foster self-esteem in young ones. It’s a valuable resource for parenting groups, teachers, and counsellors to help children realise their self-worth and embrace their individuality.

What emotions does this book deal with?

I Love the Sparkle in You deals with emotions related to self-worth and self-esteem. It encourages young readers to recognise and celebrate their unique qualities, or “sparkle,” which contribute to their individuality. The book aims to install a sense of importance and value in children, reassuring them that they are special and cherished by the universe. It serves as a positive message for children who may need a boost in confidence and a reminder of their inherent worth.

self-worth mandy woolf children's book author
self-esteem mandy woolf children's book author
unique qualities mandy woolf children's book author
sparkle mandy woolf children's book author
self condience mandy woolf children's book author

“I read this with my son last night and I’ve never seen him so enamoured with a book before. It was such a joy to read with him, a real love-letter from a parent to a child.”

The Sparkle in ME! (Activity Book)

This activity book is aimed at children aged 5-10 years, serving as a therapeutic guide to foster positive thinking, self-esteem, confidence, self-awareness, and resilience.

Through a series of social and emotional activities, it offers support to young ones dealing with anxiety, bereavement, or low self-esteem, providing a creative outlet for expression and communication. The book’s beautiful illustrations complement the therapeutic exercises, making it a valuable resource for children to navigate their emotions and develop coping skills in a safe and nurturing way.

What emotions does this book deal with?

The Sparkle in ME! is designed to help children aged 5-10 years navigate a variety of emotions, particularly those associated with anxiety, bereavement, and low self-esteem. The activities within the book aim to foster positive thinking, self-esteem, confidence, self-awareness, and resilience, providing a supportive and expressive environment for young readers. Through art and communication, it offers a therapeutic approach to managing complex feelings and building emotional strength.

Paper Wings (Adult Picture Book)

Affiliated with The Hillingdon Brain Tumour Group

This book is for adults facing the daunting challenge of a serious illness, such as a brain tumour or cancer.

Through the experiences of Lilybeth and her children, the book explores themes of faith, resilience, and love, offering a beacon of hope for those in similar situations. It provides a narrative that is both relatable and uplifting, with illustrations that add depth to the story’s emotional journey. Additionally, the book includes resources for parents and guardians to help the entire family cope with the complexities of illness and its emotional impact, making it a valuable guide during difficult times.

What emotions does this book deal with?

Paper Wings addresses the emotional spectrum of dealing with a loved one’s serious illness, particularly a brain tumour. It explores the themes of faith, resilience, and love as a family navigates the complexities of Lilybeth’s diagnosis. The narrative captures the children’s journey of understanding and coping, marked by moments of inner strength and profound personal realisations.

Mandy works in partnership with her chosen charities to help children understand and deal with the emotions surrounding illness, through the positive power of storytelling.

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